Rebecca Maria Wiesmeier

It is me …

“A little insight into my person and passion”

Make a choice

Everything started in 2001, I decided to go the way as a hair and make-up artist.

I quickly realized, I want more.

The world was open, exploring, gathering impressions and accepting challenges. So I decided after my 3 years of training in Kaufbreuren in the Allgäu to continue on the path.

After numerous successful competitions, I went to Austria, Italy and Spain.

There I got to know the culture, the craft and the life from another point of view.

Since my claim has grown more and more, and I realized not just to be a hairdresser, but to become an individual, I realized I have to stand out from the crowd.

The decision was very easy, I went to one of the best hairdressers in Germany, and learned there the technique of “Organic Haircut and Organic Hair Color”

There I chose my way to be different than other hairdressers.


Because I understood that the hair and I are a philosophy.

I want to learn to understand the hair, how does it work. What does it really take to be free and alive?

Now I am 32 years young and I live in Puerto de Andratx and have turned my long-awaited dream into reality.

I now run my own salon HAIR REBECCA WIESMEIER in Puerto de Andratx, on one of the most beautiful islands, in Mallorca.

“Make a decision” was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Would you like to get to know me even more and you have become a little curious?

Then I’m glad to welcome you to Hair!

I can not wait to meet you as a customer.

Your Rebecca Wiesmeier